ligament damage servicesI was in pain for 8 years. I had seen all kinds of doctors but not a Rheumatologist. I went February of 2010 to see Dr. Michael Dick, M.D., M.S. My appointment lasted about two hours. I had never had an exam and been asked so many questions in all my eight years of battling fibromyalgia syndrome. He gave something no other doctor gave me: “Hope” for a chance at a normal life again.

  42-year-old female

Dr. Michael Dick truly listens and you can see in his face that he really wants to help. He lifts me up and is so positive that I can fight this. He believes in me and wants me to believe that I can have a normal, pain-free life again.

  36-year-old female

He has made my life a lot better. He takes the time to listen to my health issues and he understands what people with Fibromyalgia go through in day-to-day life.

  43-year-old female

For six years I was plagued with excessive pain in my joints, muscles and even my skin. I was sent to doctor after doctor and also saw at least three different skin doctors and no one could tell me exactly what it was. Finally I found Dr. Michael Dick and he diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis. Now my symptoms and my pain are being controlled. The treatment he has me on has made my life so much better.

  54-year-old female

I have visited many doctors through the years in the area. Dr. Dick is the only one who seemed to take the time to find the problems and administered excellent care. He is always extremely thoughtful and courteous.

  40-year-old male

I came to Dr. Dick two years ago. He said he believes that no one should have to live in constant pain. I would never go anywhere else. I have been in Birmingham and Huntsville for my rheumatoid arthritis and no one has ever shown the compassion and support that Dr. Dick and his staff have shown. I would recommend him to anyone and trust him with my husband and children and they are my life. He is wonderful and I plan for him to be my doctor from now on.

  59-year-old female

Switching from my previous doctor to Dr. Dick was like doing a total 180 degrees. Dr. Dick’s treatment is completely different from the previous doctor. He actually spends time in the room listening to what I have to say and listens to everything I have to say before trying to diagnose my problem. The previous doctor had his mind made up before I would be done explaining my pain. Dr. Dick also makes me feel like a human being, unlike any other doctors.

J.P.  25-year-old male

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